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Baked by the River:

Lambertville’s Own Locally Owned Dispensary

Upcoming Events

Baked by the River hosts frequent community events that focus on cannabis and non-cannabis plant medicine, promoting conscious consumption, representing the diverse history of cannabis culture, and featuring a variety of local artists, musicians, performers, and more.

Visit the events calendar to see all our upcoming programming!

You can Bake the World a Better Place!

In the heart of Lambertville sits a historic firehouse with a new purpose: Baked by the River, an independent cannabis dispensary. At the helm is local resident, Jesse Marie. For over a decade, Jesse, herself a medical cannabis patient, baked to serve other patients. Visit our blog for some of Jesse’s recipes for tasty treats – and community building!

People are Talking

Who Doesn’t Love Love?

The owners of Baked by the River epitomize small, local business. They live in Lambertville and so are personally invested in the success of their business as one that contributes positively to Lambertville’s culture and ethos as they exist.

I have seen first‐hand the differences between independently owned dispensaries and dispensaries operated by large, interstate corporations ‐ those differences are staggering, and the quality of product, service, and community awareness offered by independent businesses is simply unmatched.
Baked by the River is the only local cannabis retail location in Lambertville, so they are in a unique position to lead the way towards a local cannabis economy that reflects the desires and values of Lambertville’s citizens, and that can simultaneously provide the highest level of products and service.
I consider the owners of Baked by the River to be good neighbors and good people. They are locally conscious and forward‐thinking. They care for the well‐being, safety, health, and comfort of those around them, including those who partake of cannabis and those who refrain. They care for the City of Lambertville, the State of New Jersey, and the Earth, and I believe they can make positive contributions to those communities with their business.