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About Us

An independent cannabis dispensary that focuses on the interdependence between people, the plant, and community.

In the heart of Lambertville, New Jersey sits a historic firehouse with a new purpose:

Baked by the River, an independent cannabis dispensary. At the helm are local residents, Jesse Marie and Cord – dedicated educators and activists who themselves were punished by the archaic systems that penalized both people and the plant.

For over a decade, Jesse Marie, herself a medical cannabis patient, baked to serve other patients in her community.

Over the years, Cord formed strong relationships with small cultivators, carefully watching their growing practices and pursuit of unique genetics, as well as with artisan manufacturers who produced concentrates and tinctures.

Both work closely with local governments to support individuals and communities still negatively impacted by sponsoring expungement clinics and creating avenues to employment. They are deeply committed to working with legacy-owned and operated businesses and featuring products from social equity operators.

Community Events

Baked by the River hosts frequent community events that focus on cannabis and non-cannabis plant medicine, promoting conscious consumption, representing the diverse history of cannabis culture, and featuring a variety of local artists, musicians, performers, and more. They have formed close relationships with regional native tribe members, minority and family-owned local farms, and other local businesses – with the intention of bringing together visitors and locals to safely explore and re-learn about the buried history people from all over the world have had with cannabis for thousands of years.

Growing by Giving

When you buy from justice system-impacted companies, you are giving back to those harmed by the war on drugs. Baked by the River is owned and operated by individuals who’ve been arrested and gone to jail because of cannabis prohibition. In each step of our process, we are making sure to support those who’ve been harmed by the war on drugs. We are committed to working with legacy-owned and operated businesses, featuring the products from social equity operators and hiring individuals with past cannabis convictions. We’ve formed the non-profit People’s Equity Project with the goal of bridging the gap between legacy and legal in the cannabis industry, and are excited to be raising funding for a Pilot Employee Shuttle Program between Lambertville and the state-identified impact zone of Trenton. Baked by the River sponsors expungement clinics and restorative justice-focused career fairs.

A percentage of all Baked by the River sales and revenue goes to support the People’s Equity Project.