About Us

Why We Bake

We're partners and cannabis bakers living in Lambertville, NJ on the beautiful Delaware River! We've been medical marijuana patients in New Jersey for 8 years combined and want to share our passion for baking edibles with you! 

We have both benefited from our medical marijuana prescriptions in more ways than we can count; it has helped us cope with PTSD, insomnia and chronic pain. We both used CBD and marijuana medicinally to free ourselves from opioid addiction and we're proud to say it has helped us stay opioid free for 6 years now. Marijuana has also allowed us to cut down on other prescriptions we used to rely on for sleep, pain, and anxiety. Our homemade edibles have helped us recover from multiple surgeries and major injuries without needing other prescriptions. With all the amazing ways cannabis edibles have helped us, we felt like we needed to share our experience, our knowledge, and our favorite recipes so that anyone in need can bake themselves some relief!

We're trying to combat the stigma against cannabis, advocate for medical use and recreational legalization, educate fellow patients, and of course help all y'all get baked!

~Jesse and Cord

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